God Be With You (Hardcover)

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God Be With You (Hardcover)


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The world today is obviously operating at a much faster pace than it did just a few years ago. We continually find ourselves trying to rush things as life places more pressure on us.

God Be With You, is a fifty-two week, yes one year, study devotional journal. It was created to encourage everyone who reads it to take the time to meditate and study what they read.

Even if you find yourself rushed when you read a particular week's devotional, you will have the remainder of the week to go back and take the devotional, for the week, into more consideration. You will have more time to look into the scripture surrounding the devotional verse for the week and get a better understanding of it.

If your devotional is nothing more than reading a verse of scripture and maybe a thought for the day, then forgetting it as you rush into your day, what has it prospered you?

God Be With You was written not only to give you a bible verse and a thought concerning that verse to start your day with, but it also challenges the reader to look into and think about the substance of that verse so that it will have a deeper impact on their life.

As you progress from week to week, I pray that God Be With You will help you grow in your walk with God and will help you strengthen your faith and understanding.

This is a journey that is not meant to be rushed through but to walk through at a steady pace. This study devotional journey was created for you to use as a tool to help you come to a fuller knowledge of what God is doing in your life personally.

At the end of each week there is an area for you to write your thoughts and feelings down as to what that particular devotion meant to you and how it applied to your life that week.

When your one year devotional studies are over, keep it safe somewhere and return to it every so often to see where you have grown over the years and where you may need to make some improvements.

Perhaps you may need to revisit some of your thoughts or feelings you have written down to help you get through a certain situation.

It is my prayer that, God Be With You, will be a help, a blessing, an encouragement and a portal for you to draw ever nearer to our one and true living Heavenly Father.

God bless each and everyone as you begin this year's devotional.

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