The Killing File (Paperback)

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The Killing File (Paperback)


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An American corporation developed a weapon that could fire laser beams at enemy targets from space. This deadly system would change the way future battles would be fought. The specifications of the weapon system was housed in a top secret U.S. government computer. A file containing the key elements was stolen and was to be auctioned to enemy interests.

The brilliant retired Israeli spy, David Korman, is asked by a friend who is in possession of the file to protect it from foreign sources at all costs. We learn that circumstances make it impossible to turn the file back the Defense Department.

People are murdered for the file and after being tortured and beaten, Korman comes face to face with a psychotic killer. Ileana Golde has been trained by Russian intelligence and survived physical altering surgeries to successfully return to the U.S.

After arriving, her first task was to enact horrendous revenge on her old enemies. She then focused on attempting to turn Korman into a foreign agent in order to obtain the file.

In a desperate attempt to prove his friend's innocence of the theft of the file who was almost killed by foreign interests and lay in a coma, Korman devises a plan to expose the leader of a major Russian spy movement and to uncover their secret training facility in New York.

Working with the F.B.I., he succeeds but in a final chilling conclusion, Korman, now held captive, is given an option.Turn over the file and be a traitor or refuse and instantly be murdered.

The attempt by corrupt forces to steal America's secret data and the life or death decision by a loyal citizen, is the final question that this story asks.

Product Details ISBN: 9781647189433
ISBN-10: 1647189438
Publication Date: October 20th, 2020
Pages: 372
Language: English