19th Century American History for Teens: Understanding the Themes, Ideologies, and Conflicts that Inform Our Present (Paperback)

19th Century American History for Teens: Understanding the Themes, Ideologies, and Conflicts that Inform Our Present By Rod Franchi Cover Image

19th Century American History for Teens: Understanding the Themes, Ideologies, and Conflicts that Inform Our Present (Paperback)


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Explore the most important moments of the 19th century in this history book for teens

Help teens learn how the United States grew out of the seeds of rebellion. This 100-year journey into American history covers the period following the American Revolution all the way through the Civil War, the Gilded Age, and more. 19th Century American History for Teens offers a compelling look into the United States' formative years and shows how they made the country what it is today.

19th Century American History for Teens features:
  • Event-focused learning—This standout choice among history books makes it easy to understand 19th century American history with chapters that explain what happened during key events and how they impacted the rest of the century.
  • Closer looks—Teens will dive deep into major political and social conflicts, the considerations that went into history-changing decisions, and more.
  • Critical thinking opportunities—Exciting storytelling makes this book fun to read while still providing teens with the info they need to draw their own conclusions about how the 19th century shaped the modern day.

Inspire teens to love learning about America's past with 19th Century American History for Teens.
Rod Franchi has been a little too absorbed in history since his early years. He is currently an educator at Novi High School in Michigan, where he teaches AP US History (APUSH), AP Research, and Economics. You can find lessons Rod created to help kids think like historians at historychase.org.
Product Details ISBN: 9781648766534
ISBN-10: 1648766536
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English
Series: History for Teens
“Rod Franchi has created an antidote for the ‘one-thing-after-another’ poison that kills people’s enthusiasm for and interest in history. A masterful storyteller, Franchi speaks directly to students, weaving together historical details to link the present to our past as only a skillful history teacher can do. Students will enjoy the book as they learn from it and teachers will benefit from the meaningful plots and subplots Franchi sees running through the long 19th century.” —Bob Bain, associate professor of education and history, the University of Michigan

“This slim volume breaks down 19th century history to make it interesting and readable, highlighting topics of historical debate as well as events and figures that have been omitted from textbooks for years. Rod Franchi's high school teaching experience shines through in his clear, concise writing, accessible to today's teens and lesson-ready for classroom teachers.” —Bethany Bratney, National Board Certified teacher librarian

“Rod Franchi writes as one who truly understands how to speak to teenagers—the masterful tightrope walk of treating his readers like adults but recognizing they aren't quite adults yet. Many of my students struggle with understanding the historical context of the texts we read. They take history courses, but they don't always retain much beyond dates and names, and their writing and argumentation skills suffer. This book hooks them with the stories and solves their context problem in a way that’s accessible and interesting to many levels of teen readers.” —Hattie Maguire, AP English language and composition and AP seminar teacher

“Rod Franchi has an uncanny ability to unpack history, to get to the point, and to make the story fascinating. If you want to understand the core issues in the story, 19th Century American History for Teens is the book to read...whether you are a teen or decades past.” —James W. Fraser, professor of history and education, New York University, and author of By the People: A History of the United States