The Aftermath of the King: Volume 1 (Paperback)

The Aftermath of the King: Volume 1 By Robert Murray Cover Image

The Aftermath of the King: Volume 1 (Paperback)


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Out of dire necessity, Queen Guinevere has emerged from the nunnery to rule Camelot and lead a quartet of knights on a mission of national survival to rid the land of a terrorizing force of Scandinavian marauders led by a fierce chieftain. Follow Martain, son of Sir Kay, adopted brother of King Arthur; Elias, pious warrior monk; Shane, newly risen woodsman; and Varnell, student of Merlin, as they trek the English isle striving to keep their oath to protect their Sovereign and restore order to the realm.

How shall the invader be dealt with? What former hero will re-emerge to offer aid? Will the question of legitimate succession be solved in order to allow a continuation of the tales of Camelot? Will a just King, elusive figure in the historical record, once again rule? All these conflicts will be resolved in elegant verse, the apotheosis of rhyme, derived, adapted, and perfected in order that the tales of Arthur's heirs may be sung as they were meant to be.

Product Details ISBN: 9781662421594
ISBN-10: 1662421591
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: December 3rd, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English