Is That All There Is? (Paperback)

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Baker Taylor started his career in a family business. At the age of thirty, he became a Christian. A couple of years later, after seeing his business background, church members suggested he should open a Christian bookstore. With much research, he found out what a Christian bookstore was and what one could be. He developed, owned, and operated The Lighthouse Bookstore for sixteen years. After selling the bookstore, he moved into Special Sales and Marketing for The Victor Book Division of Scripture Press, a producer of Sunday school material as well as books. When they were sold to a company who required moving to Colorado, he decided to join Bethany House Publishers, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and held the same position. After retirement, he went to work with Senior Solutions, servicing the needs of families with mostly Alzheimer's and Dementia concerns. With all his love for books and constant reading, he never thought about writing a book. While I grew as a Christian, I began observing what I felt were too many Christians who didn't seem to be particularly fulfilled by their faith or place in life. I started writing notes on this and felt maybe I should turn this into a tract to share with others. As I got further into the subject, I thought maybe a pamphlet would be better, but I kept seeing God continue to bring me more insights. Thus it became larger than a pamphlet. It came to me that this should be a book about growing closer and more intimate with God. I pray reading this book, will bless you in more fully understanding Him and the incredible plans He has for you. This will encourage you, seeing the natural way of becoming all that God has for you.
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ISBN: 9781662840968
ISBN-10: 1662840969
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: March 28th, 2022
Pages: 30
Language: English