Saving the Corporate Animal, One Soul at a Time (Paperback)

Saving the Corporate Animal, One Soul at a Time By C. Marsh Bull, K. Wilson Cover Image
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"Is this all there is to life?" Every stressed and overworked corporate leader has asked themself this question at least once. Most books written about faith in the corporate world focus on applying "faith principles" to become a better executive or leader ... but what about finding true faith and discovering personal purpose in the corporate world?

"Saving the Corporate Animal, One Soul at a Time" follows C-Suite executive C. Marsh Bull who wholeheartedly lived and embraced life in that fast-paced, all-consuming business environment. Bull experienced first-hand the successes but also the seductive and destructive tendencies of the corporate lifestyle, which led him to pull his car off the road in anguish one fateful day in 1995 and ask God for help. Unfulfilled, distressed, and disconnected from family, friends, and his community, Bull looked to poetry to express his difficult and frustrating emotions.

Bull shares with other corporate animals his painful, personal journey of finding faith, peace, and true joy. These poems, written in the moment of emotional impact, contain the realities of failure, and despair, the challenges of faith, and the eventual discovery of light, peace, and joy through a growing relationship with God. Through conversations and questions, Bull affirms that you do have a true purpose in life. You can live both a fulfilling, faith-based life, and thrive as a successful corporate being.

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ISBN: 9781662851308
ISBN-10: 1662851308
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 24th, 2022
Pages: 178
Language: English