Heaven's Matrix: An Astonishing Vision Of Anunna-Ki (Paperback)

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An exciting, far-flung narrative of a people and species who called themselves, the Anunna, as the primary 'source' of Life in our Galaxy. A speculative history using the newest discoveries in Science and Technology, that point to a directed Panspermia and purposeful manipulation of Human development. A truly complete history of their motives, methods and evidence from the creation of the Universe, to expectations of our very Future I wrote this book after making the discovery in 2015, that Megalithic sites around the World, can be precisely connected by following the Summer and Winter Solstices to navigate from their locations. As my research continued, there were broad similarities in the nature of the sites, such as access to water and subterranean constructions at all major sites. Further investigation showed artifactual and fossil evidence, such as Humanoid skeletons with Elongated Skulls, or extremely large Human bones which are too closely related to be widely separated coincidental excavations. When I hypothesized a single culture's responsibility, I found the Sumerian account of the Anunna-Ki, not only to be the oldest, believable written history, but that it seemed to evidence my hypothesis. When I accepted the Anunnaki as the single source of this discovery, other puzzles began to be answered and the confusion of ancient history with apparent high technology, mixed with co-existent primitive Humans actually started to make sense. Since my initial discoveries in 2015, I have documented experimental and observational evidence to support my conclusions, which can be found in my first two books: America's Electric Nazca - Megalithic Marfa Texas, and The Solstice Connection.
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