Erron (Jacob #4) (Paperback)

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Err, the benevolent ruler of the planet Acootulum discovers a beautiful planet in the Solar System which he calls Icalay, meaning an uncut jewel. Another Alien group also very interested in the progress of Icalay is the Sirasusians, or Alphas, who, in 1947 offered new technology to Colonel Buddy Armstrong, whom they thought ruled the planet. Global warming has become a serious concern for the alien races observing Earth. The Alphas intend on preserving the planet by way of controlling the population through Collective Will - theirs. Err, believing in the potential of the human race, has an alternate solution: to help humanity raise its level of consciousness such that the planet moves into the 5th dimension. Err pleads with The Great Council to bring another human to Acootulum to train them in the knowledge and implementation of a pollution free energy source: Electro- Magnetic- Energy (the energy source of all interplanetary travel) that will ultimately rid the need for fossil fuels. He is given permission to bring a youth to Acootulum, Da-vid, a 17-year-old musician who just graduated from Cannes Academy of Music. Powerful forces on Earth, led by 'The Lady', oppose Dav-id's untimely return and his insistence of following Err's tenets (to be compassionate, forgiving, and non-judgmental) to help move the Earth into the 5th dimension. This fourth installment of the Jacob saga poses some vital questions for the type of civilization and direction we want to create as a people. In a time of worldwide anger, confusion and disorientation, Lancaster invites us to question the depths of our humanity, our purpose, and rethink our place in the Universe.
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ISBN: 9781729585702
ISBN-10: 1729585701
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 15th, 2018
Pages: 498
Language: English
Series: Jacob