Junkies Paradise (Paperback)

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Everyone has a story. When you've lived my life then you can judge me. I was born by the river. Just like the river I been running ever since. It been a long time coming. I know a change going come. It been too hard living. But I'm afraid to die, cause I don't know whats up there beyond the sky. I do know whats down here. On the Most High green earth since birth. Drugs wasn't part of my equation. Until one day I was hanging out. Still wet behind the ears. Wanting to be down. Snorted me some cocaine. Before you know it. I am going fucking insane at the tender age of 14. Thats all she wrote. Garbage head. I became the slickest, smoothest, coolest addict. Until I picked up that glass dick. Yeah I became homeless, penniless and said fuck the rest. I am a now an official crack head. How you like me now. Suckers .
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ISBN: 9781729653517
ISBN-10: 1729653510
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2018
Pages: 106
Language: English