No Time for Detours (Paperback)

No Time for Detours By Jean C. Gordon Cover Image
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Ava Lewis can take care of herself. That's what she's determined to prove to herself, and to her well meaning, but sometimes overbearing family. And now that she's been provisionally accepted into NYU's law school, she's on her way to making all of her dreams come true.

But in order to afford these dreams, she has to make ends meet. And she gets an unexpected job offer in the form of Nick Jansen. When five year old twins are left in his care while their guardian no s] goes off on a month long honeymoon, he knows he can't handle the rabble-rousers on his own. And that's where Ava comes in.

After a broken engagement, and some words of dis-encouragement from his jaded mother, Nick has accepted that he's meant to be alone and the world would be better off for it. But as the kids warm to Ava, so does he, and he starts to feel some of the ice around his heart melting away.

However when Ava's law school admission is jeopardized, Nick's need to fix things threatens her independence and her dreams of carving out the life she wanted. But if there's one thing Ava and Nick both have to learn, it's that they might not get the life they want, but they have the love they need.

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ISBN: 9781732183674
ISBN-10: 1732183678
Publisher: Upstate NY Romance
Publication Date: January 4th, 2020
Pages: 332
Language: English