Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy (Paperback)

Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy By Kate Henriott-Jauw, Ted Jauw Cover Image
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"Mommy... Are you a witch?" Catholic, suburban housewife Cat couldn't answer her young daughter. Not now. Not when her entire sense of 'normal' was being shattered. Sure, she had always felt different but she didn't realize just how different she was... until the dreams began. Join Cat on a journey that spans 50,000 years in time and takes her to her own past in a little Swiss town called Couvet. Here, she discovers her magic, her future, her birthright and herself.

The story of 'Absinthe, Alewives and Alchemy' is the story of women, witches and wanderers, who dared to make their mark on the world and now to dare to reclaim what was once lost. Through one woman's journey we learn mysteries and hidden histories that span centuries of ancestral stories and adventures. Along the way she discovers that the story of Absinthe was much more magical than ever imagined and the women, accused of witchcraft, who produced it, were much too powerful to ever be completely erased by an incomplete history that still bears its mark on women today.

'Absinthe, Alewives & Alchemy' is not so much a memoir as it is a grimoire. Not so much revisionism as it is a re-envisioning and more about truth than true. Based on what is historically known, it is much more about the unknown.

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ISBN: 9781732430419
ISBN-10: 1732430411
Publisher: Harbor Springs Publishing
Publication Date: May 13th, 2019
Pages: 314
Language: English