The Thyroid Encyclopedia: An Everyday Thyroid Disease Reference Book (Paperback)

The Thyroid Encyclopedia: An Everyday Thyroid Disease Reference Book By Kylie Wolfig Cover Image

The Thyroid Encyclopedia: An Everyday Thyroid Disease Reference Book (Paperback)


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A little bit of everything about Thyroid Disease

A complete Mind Body Soul Thyroid Reference guide that covers every symptom, risk factor, side effect, protocol, vitamin, author, website, book and thought leader that resides in the Thyroid World.

From the day the words "Thyroid Disease" are spoken by the doctor, a million questions start appearing out of nowhere and it becomes clear that a whole new language needs to be learned.

Is there anything I can do to change it?
What if I change my diet?
What does it mean when my TSH is high and my T3 is low?
And what is RT3?
Was it something I did?

It's these constant questions and lack of fluency in the thyroid language that stops the sufferer from feeling in control of their health and taking strides in choosing how to improve their health and have their needs met.

The Thyroid Encyclopaedia is one big reference book that takes you on a Mind, Body & Soul journey through the Thyroid world to empower people with thyroid disease to know what is going on with their own health and to encourage them to play a bigger part in the management of their disease.

Not only can readers find information on knowing if they are Th1 or Th2 dominant, but also which crystals are said to help thyroid disease, what herbs can help with what symptoms, what foods help and what foods don't, plus mindfulness exercises and affirmations for when the thyroid brain fog creeps in and anxiety takes over. When a thyroid sufferer understands their disease, it gives them a voice. The Thyroid Encyclopaedia gives the sufferer that voice.

When we can speak the language of where we are, we can do amazing things. With easy to understand snippets of all the science, interlaced with all the latest theories from the natural world, picking up this reference book is not just empowering, it is hope.

Product Details ISBN: 9781733041607
ISBN-10: 1733041605
Publisher: Thyroid School
Publication Date: November 1st, 2019
Pages: 428
Language: English