The Monsoon Killed the Tiger (Paperback)

The Monsoon Killed the Tiger By Jack Lyndon Thomas Cover Image
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"We have unfinished business."On receiving a cryptic message from his former interpreter postmarked 25 June 2002, Kannon Ballard aborts a motorcycle adventure in the San Juan Mountains and returns to Việt Nam, a country he has desperately wanted to forget. A hard-drinking divorcee, Kannon harbors disgrace due to an ambush that annihilated his patrol, after which he was relieved of command and threatened with a court-martial.In S i G n, Kannon finds the interpreter near death, able only to reveal a series of numbers and seemingly incomprehensible words. In his search for truth, Kannon confronts a vicious ex-Việt Cộng cell leader turned importer-exporter and the retired American infantry major who authored the condemning 1970 After Action Report.Kannon's dogged perseverance draws him into a web of past and present atrocities, conspiracy, bootlegged weapons, drug trafficking, and passion, which thrusts him into a combative climax on a storm-ridden night in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico.The story's strength lies in its gritty conflicts and complex characters shaped by their vastly different cultures and religions.
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ISBN: 9781734099300
ISBN-10: 1734099305
Publisher: Lyndonjacks Publications
Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 414
Language: English