Lily the Ladybug Lifeguard (Hardcover)

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The wonderment of summer, lightening bugs, swimming, friendships--these are all cherished by five-year old Lily. She especially loves ladybugs But Lily soon discovers that ladybugs and pools don't mix

Lily thus makes it her mission to rescue each and every ladybug from chlorine-confusion, and she's successful until she meets Ladybug Brett.

Is it too late?

Such is the story of our children's book, Lily the Ladybug Lifeguard.

In it, Lily learns the preciousness and fragility of life along with the love and compassion that bonds doers of good deeds.

For Lily was born inherently knowing that by giving freely and caring for others, life is more full; and we all need someone to watch our backs

It was inspired by my kind-hearted second child, Lily, who really did and still does rescue the ladybugs from our pool.

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ISBN: 9781734686500
ISBN-10: 1734686502
Publisher: Allison Ferrier
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English