Cerolian Sagas: Ishara (Hardcover)

Cerolian Sagas: Ishara By Mathew E. Ruley Cover Image

Cerolian Sagas: Ishara (Hardcover)


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Fight for freedom, fight for the future.

Traitors working for the Kingdom of Aestellus lurk everywhere throughout the city of Nevarria, waiting to report to their masters. A young woman named Kiera Rovanoe, forced to live her life under the constant threat of a foreign occupying force, must come to terms with the situation she and her found family are in.

With the city now controlled by the Baron of Nevarria, her fellow civilians are being discarded in detention centers without trial, never to be seen again. Only the Nevarrian Liberation Army stands in defiance of this, gaining support for their cause in secret as the Aestellan airship Levant looms overhead.

As the NLA prepares to launch a final push to retake the city, Kiera must come to a decision of her own: continue protecting the family and friends she loves, or take up arms against an oppressive regime and risk everything.

May the Goddess Bless the Republic.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734812251
ISBN-10: 1734812257
Publisher: Cerolian Arts
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2022
Pages: 644
Language: English