The Secret Code of Girls: Empowering Girls to Mature into Confident Women (Paperback)

The Secret Code of Girls: Empowering Girls to Mature into Confident Women By Mae Dixon Cover Image

The Secret Code of Girls: Empowering Girls to Mature into Confident Women (Paperback)


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"The Secret Code of Girls is a how-to book. The Secret Code of Girls is an inspirational book designed to be a secret code for girls written by a "girl," whose secret codes about life and living have influenced many a girl in the communities in which she has lived and had influence. These girls range literally from ages 8 to 80, with, of course, the book's primary focus being on pre-teens and developing young adults, whose lives have similar emotional, social, and intellectual growth patterns. The book offers richness of material for any reader ? the girl herself or the girl's parent(s). Its a guide for the college-bound girl, to the Kardashian wannabe, to the Beyonce look-alike, to the Michelle Obama girl, to the at-risk girl.

The book's how-to-ness derives from its "codes" on dating, coping, getting educated, and living with purpose. The book's inspiration derives from its imbedded timeliness and vision for a broader and brighter future for girls aspiring to be greater and smarter in their own right. The large and larger questions of personal, social, and familial responsibilities voiced by live girls alive with often difficult but inspiring dilemmas that the book addresses.

Without sermonizing or proselytizing, the text walks every young girl through a spatial, social, and emotional journey where family, leadership, civic engagement, volunteerism, and education take center stage. Before "mentoring" became a viable buzz-word, The Secret Code had originated in the mind of its author who wanted to tell girls' stories, share girls' lives, and motivate girls to become ladies and women.

The Secret Code allows girls to curl up on a couch or chaise lounge and become debutantes learning the codes of friendships, relationships, and kinships - no acts and scenes, no drama, no lip synching. Just words and secret codes for girls and secret codes of girls. All that's required is time to read and learn; time to think, reflect, and share; and time to enjoy being a girl."

Product Details ISBN: 9781735372518
ISBN-10: 173537251X
Publisher: Maedixon, LLC
Publication Date: January 12th, 2021
Pages: 90
Language: English