The Heart of Everything (Paperback)

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I can't help but appreciate his amazing ability to swim beneath the water as if he were born to the ocean. He reminds me of the way I feel in the forest. But not around water. Never around water.

Growing up in Montana, Rigel loves the earth, the towering pines, and the vast sky that looks like freedom. Now 18 and super bright, she dreams of a NASA internship and being an astronaut. But those dreams grind to a halt when she discovers a serious heart condition that needs immediate treatment. Her doctor recommends a specialized water therapy program, but Rigel strenuously objects. She's terrified of water. Before therapy can begin, things go mysteriously awry, and she finds herself at the bottom of the ocean in a hidden community.

Under the sea, Rigel's heart continues to worsen and her fear of water escalates. Despite the peaceful, loving nature of the community, she just wants to go home. Instead, she's drawn deeper and deeper to the people, their ancient rituals, and their belief that the ocean is their companion, their ally, their salvation. Then memories of her childhood with her mother surface, a mother she barely remembers. As the memories grow stronger, the past and the present collide.

Hebrew and sacred geometry take the reader on a mystical adventure in this underwater fantasy. Dive into this heartwarming romantic story of learning to trust and forgiving the past to find a new and exciting future.

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ISBN: 9781736464076
ISBN-10: 1736464078
Publisher: Words of Passion, LLC
Publication Date: August 20th, 2021
Pages: 354
Language: English