Always Becoming: sex, shame, & Love (Paperback)

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Oprah inspired: "Become the be you want to see."

" It's real, raw, you'll identify, cry, lol, have questions but ultimately get answers "

- Foreword by: Pastor Hope Carpenter, Redemption Ministries

We are complex beings - comprised of a mind, body, and soul. Not fixed, ever-evolving, and always becoming. And yet we often ignore or misplace the critical element of spirit, filled with grace, which we desperately need in order to establish the truth of our identity. Through this intimate experience of self-discovery, you will learn how to identify the voids and deep desires of your wholeness and alignment. Your eyes will be opened to the secret journey of a woman living in a culture fixated on exterior affirmations, expectations, and justifications as she navigates true beauty and love outside of the lens of a mirror or highlight reel. This book is a workout for your soul and will prove to you the miracle-working power and promises of God, no matter how bleak your past or present may be.

Rooted Truths to overcome in order to become:

- Identity discovery

- Obliterating shame

- Reclaiming your body image

- Setting boundaries

- Mental health breakthroughs

- Sexual trauma overcome

- Releasing hustle culture

- Marriage miracles

- Addiction and coping mechanism removal

- Relationship vs. religion development

- Mind, body, soul, spirit alignment

Tamra Andress is a rising thought leader in spiritual entrepreneurship and a best-selling author. She is an ordained minister on a mission to free and propel women globally by obliterating shame and activating purpose through internal and external entrepreneurship. Her F.I.T. in Faith Podcast is globally ranked in the top 2.5% and speaks to thousands weekly across platforms. Her most treasured role in developing the Kingdom is as a wife and mama of 2 traveling the world to spread the good news.

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ISBN: 9781737902201
ISBN-10: 1737902206
Publisher: Tamra Andress (Fit in Faith LLC)
Publication Date: October 8th, 2021
Pages: 318
Language: English