Moonrunner: The race for survival is on (Paperback)

Moonrunner: The race for survival is on By R. B. Cameron Cover Image
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It was to be a friendly trek into the wider world. Moonrunner plans to show his companions, Tom (Scots terrier) and Wobbly (Dachshund) the world beyond their immediate horizons. The dogs would marvel at the scenes of beauty and be fascinated by the landscape and the animals they encountered. However, as the journey progresses, the clouds change hue. It is the season of the hounds. Danger is never far off. One small band of foxes led by the rogue, Wildbriar decides to disobey the law of the fox - to gather in packs and attack the hounds and all dogs. The leaders of fox life want this treachery halted. It would endanger all fox life and bring the wrath of the humans upon them. Moonrunner is tasked with upholding the Ancient Laws and to stop the Wildbriar pack at any cost. The race for survival is on. Can Moonrunner and his canine companions save fox life? How will Tom and Wobbly fare in such uncharted territory? And... can they survive the perilous journey?

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ISBN: 9781739953201
ISBN-10: 1739953207
Publisher: Cameron Tales
Publication Date: November 29th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English