Unmasked: A Psychic Visions Novel (Paperback)

Unmasked: A Psychic Visions Novel By Dale Mayer Cover Image
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This is the 14th Psychic Visions Novel from USA Today Bestselling author Dale Mayer.

Childhood dreams can come true-so can nightmares...

Lacey always dreamed of a trip to Pompeii but never thought it would happen, until her cousin calls out of the blue, asking if Lacey would like to replace their photographer on their archeological dig.

Sebastian wasn't expecting Lacey to be, well ... Lacey. But he's intrigued from the start, and then he sees what she can do- even before she does.

As the images of the past rise in front of Lacey, taxing her artistic ability to document them, strange events start happening. Without reason, the atmosphere on the dig shifts to something supernatural that scares her, intrigues her, then consumes her.

For Sebastian these events all bring back memories of the worst dig in his life, and he can see history repeating itself. He needs to stop it this time. He must protect his team and his friends, but especially Lacey ... before everyone dies-just like they did last time.

The Psychic Vision Series

1.Tuesday's Child
2.Hide'n Go Seek
3.Maddy's Floor
4.Garden of Sorrow
5.Knock, Knock...
6.Rare Find
7.Eyes to the Soul
8.Now You See Her...
10.Into the Abyss...
11.Seeds of Malice
12.Eye of the Falcon
13.Itsy Bitsy Spider
15.Deep Beneath
16.From the Ashes
Product Details
ISBN: 9781773361000
ISBN-10: 1773361007
Publisher: Valley Publishing Ltd.
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2019
Pages: 404
Language: English
Series: Psychic Visions