Juggling Wisdom (Paperback)

Juggling Wisdom By Andrew P. Giordano Cover Image

Juggling Wisdom (Paperback)


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Trapped in the spotlight in a world full of hecklers...

...If all the world's a stage, too many of us are dying of stage fright. Our every move is being scrutinized by teachers, peers, parents, and the entire online world. We try our best to put on a good show, but at some point, we're bound to drop the balls.

But dropping is half the fun If you can learn to celebrate it, that is

Though written by a record-holding performer, this book isn't about performing. Packed full of great stories, this book is about tuning into your source of joy and tuning out your anxiety, especially when the peanut gallery is making so much noise that you can barely think.

The world actually wants to see you come alive - they just don't know how to ask

They heap on pressure and humiliation because that's all they know. But deep down, they want to see your greatness so that they can hoot and holler and brag to each other that they know you.

When you practice Juggling Wisdom, you may be surprised to see your worst hecklers become your biggest fans...

...and you'll even have a ball

Product Details ISBN: 9781777808327
ISBN-10: 1777808324
Publisher: Youth Circus Project
Publication Date: November 1st, 2021
Pages: 172
Language: English