Easy Romantic Dinner: 50 Recipes for Everyday Home Cooking That Are Simple and Family-Friendly (Paperback)

Easy Romantic Dinner: 50 Recipes for Everyday Home Cooking That Are Simple and Family-Friendly By Quinn Carter Cover Image

Easy Romantic Dinner: 50 Recipes for Everyday Home Cooking That Are Simple and Family-Friendly (Paperback)


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It's critical to set the tone for your romantic supper. If your dining table is normally well lit, you might make it more sensual by replacing it with candles. Place two candles on tall holders at the table's ends. Flowers can also bring color and provide the proper mood to an ordinary table. At romantic dinners, scents play an important role, inducing a wave of seduction and relaxation. Lavender, tangerine, jasmine, vanilla, and rosewood are some of the scents that are recommended.

After you've set the tone, the difficult part begins: preparing dinner. No, you can't order a full meal online and have it delivered to your home; that would detract from the romantic message you're trying to send. Cooking dinner for your partner alone sends the message that he or she is unique because you took the time and effort to prepare dinner and make the evening extra memorable for them.

For supper, you should have a complete menu planned, including a beverage, an appetizer, a salad, an entr e, and dessert. Here are a few ideas for things to put on your list.


This is your opportunity to purchase your favorite champagne or wine. If you know what your partner's favorite drink is, go ahead and get it. Because the goal is to avoid getting drunk, you can also have some non-alcoholic fruit drinks.


An appetizer that includes cheese is a good choice. Small portions of seafood, such as shrimp, are also suggested. It all comes down to how the meal is presented; a splash of red hues, such as tomatoes or red bell pepper, can liven up a simple appetizer and go a far way.


You have a wide variety of salad dishes to pick from. Avoid being too adventurous with your salads and stick to the basics like green salads, mixed vegetables, and the like. If you can serve your salads on "fruit" plates, such as the outer layer of avocados, papayas, or coconuts, it will look great.

Main Entr e

For your main course, try something new. By using a different sauce or spice, you may make ordinary chicken and spaghetti into something extraordinary. Pay attention to what your date orders when you go out to eat and try to recreate his or her favorite restaurant dish.


Dessert ideas include strawberries and cherries covered with chocolate bits. You can also make simple red-embellished biscuits or cakes.

Whether it's a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day or to declare eternal love, to celebrate a return or simply the beauty of everyday life, to make an important proposal or announce some good news: no matter what the reason, a dinner for two it is an intimate, exciting, relaxing moment.

Nothing like a romantic candlelit meal for two to invigorate a relationship.

It can be difficult to decipher the menu. While you want to make something exquisite and seductive, you don't want to spend all of your time doing so. Do you want to celebrate an anniversary or Valentine's Day with a quiet romantic meal for two? Could you need some easy-to-prepare romantic supper recipes that say "I love you"? Then have a look at these romantic supper dishes for two that are both simple and exquisite.

Nothing compares to a romantic dinner date between two people you care about. It's a tried-and-true dating idea that works for couples going out for the first time. It can be tweaked to suit the preferences of the two people sharing dinner. Romantic dinner ideas can be incorporated into a relationship by visiting one of the many beautiful restaurants in town or learning to prepare something special that you and your partner enjoy eating at home.

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