Hoodoo for Beginners: Rootworker's Spells And Rituals For Attracting Wealth, Love And Health (Paperback)

Hoodoo for Beginners: Rootworker's Spells And Rituals For Attracting Wealth, Love And Health By Amina Waynes, Bookstree Publishing (Editor) Cover Image
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Do you want to influence your destiny with an Ancient and Powerful magic that really works and you can learn and use even if you are a complete Beginner?

Have you ever thought how great it can be to influence something in your life or someone else's life or to attract someone or something to you? Know that with Hoodoo you could get it.

The essence of Hoodoo is the search for earthly advantage through magic.

Hoodoo is an old North American folk magic, spiritual practices, traditions, and beliefs conjured by enslaved Africans to protect them. It combined Native American and European religions and practices coupled with elements of indigenous botanical knowledge, over the years, including of course Voodoo.

With "Hoodoo for Beginners" you'll learn:

  • What is Hoodoo, the story and correlation with Voodoo
  • How to practice Hoodoo
  • 25+ Spells and Rituals
  • The magical power of Crossroads
  • How to do Spiritual Cleansing
  • How to Work with your Ancestors
  • How to use Candles and Incense and why they are important
  • How to make Mojo Bags to carry magic with you
  • How to do Bone Reading
  • About Rootworking
  • Easy & powerful spells for Money, Luck, Love, Success, Health, attract People and more

...and much more

Hoodoo has been hidden by its practitioners for hundreds of years, but now you can safely get started with information you won't find anywhere else.

Amina Waynes dedicated to teaching people within her local community and loves passing on the traditions and practices to her own children. She also has helped hundred of people with their problems using this magical practical. Now she is ready to share her knowledge with you.

Even if you've never practiced Hoodoo, thanks to Amina Waynes with her "Hoodoo for Beginners" you can discover this practice and many of its spells and rituals

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