Art of War (Hardcover)

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By Sun Tzu


The Art of War is the earliest Chinese military treatise and one of the greatest military classics in the world. It is widely recognised as one of the top three military treatises in the world with profound philosophy and extensive influence together with The Book of Five Rings and The Epitome of Military Science. The Art of War is divided into 13 chapters with each emphasising a topic yet related to the topics of the other 12. Each chapter first gives a general overview and then makes analysis centring on the topic. There is a compiling logic in the whole book. Recognised as a military classic, The Art of War exerts a profound influence on the following generations in China. It has been spread to Japan and other countries and translated into multiple languages since the 8th century. It has become one of the famous military classics in the world and occupies a critical role in world military history. The basic principles stated in the book remain relevant in today's world. It has gained much wider popularity thanks to its incomparable military and philosophical thinking, ever-changing strategies and tactics and unique literal expression. It is applicable not only to the military field but also to modern business management, social management and interpersonal communication.

About the Author

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, writer and philosopher who lived in the Eastern Zhou period of ancient China. Sun Tzu is traditionally credited as the author of The Art of War, an influential work of military strategy that has affected Western and East Asian philosophy and military thinking. His works focus much more on alternatives to battle, such as stratagem, delay, the use of spies and alternatives to war itself, the making and keeping of alliances, the uses of deceit and a willingness to submit, at least temporarily, to more powerful foes. Sun Tzu is revered in Chinese and East Asian culture as a legendary historical and military figure. His birth name was Sun Wu and he was known outside of his family by his courtesy name Changqing.[citation needed] The name Sun Tzu by which he is best known in the Western World is an honorific which means Master Sun.
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