Smart Justice: Community and Church Response to Convicted Predators Who Have Served Their Time (Predator-Proof Your Family #8) (Paperback)

Smart Justice - Booklet #8 in the Series: Predator-Proof Your Family explores the most constructive church and community responses to pedophiles or child-molesters who have served their time in prison, with a view to what will best ensure the safety of children. Introduces the concept of "Restorative Justice" as a positive, proven model.


  • The high cost of recidivism
  • Preventing recidivism (repeat offending)
  • When first-line prevention hasn't worked
  • Can treatment guarantee change?
  • An integrated perspective - incarcerative punishment,
    psychiatric treatment and restorative justice
  • Why do we need more than prison and treatment?
  • What is "restorative justice?"
  • And then there's the family of the child molester...
  • Recycling humanity
  • Supporting or shunning?
  • Plan to Protect(TM)
  • The iHeart?
  • Natural inclinations or wisdom?
  • Jail-house religion--or restorative faith?
  • The responsibility of the community
  • Internet tools for change
  • Models for re-integration into society
  • The "Offender's Covenant"

Background - Diane Roblin-Lee was married for 38 years without knowing that her husband, 13 years into the marriage, had begun to molest children. One would wonder how that could be possible.

The answer lies in the fact that child-molesters are such highly skilled manipulators that they can fool even a mate with whom they live - and convince a child that keeping the deep dark secret is critically important for both of them.

They are usually so addicted to pornography that acting out the taunting perversions of their porn-soaked brains becomes the driving force of their lives.
Once the fog from the shock, betrayal, and shame of her husband's crimes began to clear, Diane wondered how any young mom could possibly be expected to protect her children from a predator - if she had lived with one for all those years and not recognized the signs.
Following her divorce, the sale of her home, and the dismantling of their business, Diane immersed herself in research and emerged with the Predator-Proof Your Family Series, breaking the silence in which predators hide. The publishing of this Series of nine booklets is Diane's way of turning her brokenness, and that of her family, into information and protection for other children and other families.

Product Details ISBN: 9781896213477
ISBN-10: 1896213472
Publisher: Bydesign Media
Publication Date: January 4th, 2018
Pages: 66
Language: English
Series: Predator-Proof Your Family