Echo Six: Black Ops 10 - Battleground Syria (Paperback)

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ISIS is desperate for a new source of cash to fund their brutal campaign. Rumors emerge of a cache of gold hidden in the desert outside the shattered ruins of Aleppo. Buried seventy years before, the bullion is plunder from the Second World War. Treasure that ISIS is searching for, and would fund a devastating new offensive. If they succeed, hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake, and Syria will once more become a blazing pyre.

NATO issues orders for the elite Special Forces unit Echo Six to drop into Syria to counter this new threat. Before they can leave, a Syrian Muslim immigrant concocts a fake murder allegation to discredit Sergeant Heinrich Buchmann, and they must remain in Brussels to await his trial. When a terrorist attack destroys a building in the heart of NATO headquarters, the Secretary General has a change of heart. Evidence links the Brussels bombers to Syria. To the wreckage that was once Aleppo, Syria's greatest city. Where ISIS is sending their toughest and most experienced fighters to secure the gold.

Lieutenant-Commander Abe Talley, former US Navy SEAL, takes his unit back to Aleppo, into the maelstrom of war torn Syria. Against a background of treachery and disloyalty from friend and foe alike, Echo Six battles to prevent the bullion from reaching the ISIS coffers. They need every ounce of their strength and skills to avoid the jaws of the trap that awaits them in the burning sands of the Syrian Desert.

This is a thrilling story of an elite NATO Special Forces unit, under pressure from enemies on all sides. Echo Six Black Ops - Battleground Syria is by the bestselling author of many other Spec Ops stories. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as more Echo Six novels and the Devil's Guard series.

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ISBN: 9781911092643
ISBN-10: 1911092642
Publisher: Swordworks
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2017
Pages: 292
Language: English
Series: Echo Six: Black Ops