Lust in Her Eyes: Story of a Women That Wants to Satisfy Her Deepest Needs (Paperback)

Lust in Her Eyes: Story of a Women That Wants to Satisfy Her Deepest Needs Cover Image
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Your customer will be satisfied, reading a book full of sexual intrigue, will spice up his evenings thanks to the fantastic exciting story written by a woman

This is the story of Scarlett.

She's married to a man that most of the times treats sex like a routine task, not being able to fulfill her needs and her sexual desire.

Yes... Sometimes they can manage to have good moments and a good sex life, but her female intuition keep telling her that there's something wrong...

"...Is he secretly in love with someone else?"

Time passes, and one day Scarlett receives an invitation from her neighbor Helena to a sex toy party, and after thinking about it for a moment, she decides to accept and see what it's all about.

She still doesn't know that her life is about to change.

Once she got to Helena's sex toy party she discovers a new exciting world, and from that day on she starts a new secret life spending all her free time with sex-hungry women and innovative toys.

She starts getting carried away by this new lusty life, and she even agrees to become an obedient sex slave to a powerful dominatrix.

...But how will her husband react when he finds out?

This erotic novel shows a perfect understanding of female sexuality, and you will absolutely love it whether you are a man or a woman, straight or LGBT.

It will allow you to put yourself into Scarlett shoes, making you able to savor a forbidden fantasy in the safety of your home.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781914115479
ISBN-10: 1914115473
Publisher: 13 October Ltd
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2021
Pages: 234
Language: English