Cass and the Little Flower (Paperback)

Cass and the Little Flower By Lorna Davies Jac McGill, Yvonne Bell (Illustrator) Cover Image

Cass and the Little Flower (Paperback)



Cass and the Little Flower was written to coach children who are feeling overwhelmed and overtaken by their senses to learn what they need to feel just right. This is a great book to introduce the idea of self-regulation, kindness, and understanding to a child who needs help to balance their senses but also for siblings, family, and classmates who want to develop empathy and understanding.

Consider this book if your child is feeling overwhelmed by their environment. They could be feeling the world feels too busy, noisy, or smelly or that they need their world to be more whizzy and twirly.

As a parent, you may be noticing that going out and about and joining in everyday events is becoming more problematic for your child and that you are having to plan a lot more and make more accommodations to make sure days out, playdates or supermarket shops are going smoothly.

You may have noticed that your child is bouncing around and not doing as you asked. Being very specific about foods, smells, and tastes. Needing labels cut out of clothes. Your child might be saying, "I don't like it " "It's too loud and noisy. "I don't want to go "

This book is a metaphor for explaining sensory preferences. Everyone experiences the world through their senses in their own unique way. Little Flower was overwhelmed by her surroundings, but the other flowers could not understand how Little Flower felt, as they enjoyed the feeling of the sun, the rain, and the wind. Little Flower could not thrive until Cass changed her environment to one that suited her needs better.Please meet our 4 Sensory Preference Personas. They serve to illustrate and illuminate the typical behaviours, sayings, and thoughts that each persona has toward the 8 senses. By completing the accompanying workbook, you too can learn to be just like Cass by discovering your child's unique sensory persona profile to find the best strategies to help them grow and thrive.
Wise for my Size, Cass and the Little Flower, is part of a wider coaching programme for parents and children. It is a powerful, empowering programme that teaches children essential life skills through activities, games, and stories. The Wise for My Size programme helps young people to develop soaring self-esteem, and strong self-confidence, achieve their goals, manage mistakes, handle stress and anxiety, build resilience, and deal with peer pressure.
Product Details ISBN: 9781916208940
ISBN-10: 1916208940
Publisher: Pursuit of Wisdom Coaching
Publication Date: May 26th, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English