Seawater and Sawdust: Two pensioners build a wooden boat (Hardcover)

Seawater and Sawdust: Two pensioners build a wooden boat By Lorraine Owen, Tom Owen Cover Image

Seawater and Sawdust: Two pensioners build a wooden boat (Hardcover)


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Seawater and Sawdust is a book about many things. Primarily it is the account of two pensioners building a wooden boat, but it is also a tale of life's many adventures. Tom and Lorraine Owen were no beginners at boat-building when they set out on this mammoth project in 2015, but with a combined age of more than 120 years they certainly exceeded all expectations with such an exceptional build.

Instead of being a 'how-to' textbook, Seawater and Sawdust provides valuable lessons on pushing the bounds, keeping going when things don't go right and trying not to kill yourself in the process. The couple's remarkable story offers encouragement and inspiration to 'never give up', in their case to advancing age, challenging circumstances, injury and even major surgery.

Written in an easy-to-follow and amusing style, their two-year journey - from inception and planning to building and on to launch - is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs, giving a wonderful visual insight into the intricacies and finish of their beloved 30-foot motorboat Thea, along with their celebrations and milestones along the way. Though, while Tom and Lorraine never doubted that they would complete their project, it wasn't all plain sailing. Along with the many highs, they share their mistakes with honesty and openness and their low spots with humour. Each chapter focusses on a specific part of the boat-building process, with a charming sketch to introduce every theme. Additional chapters post-build describe the couple's tricks to staying sane and keeping on track, and include reflections on how their bespoke, handmade boat is serving them now - a handful of years and many nautical miles later.

After 9,000 'person' hours of work, Thea was launched in December 2016 on the River Dart, and has ever since attracted the acclaim of the boating press and the public. She has featured in a number of boating magazines, including Motor Boat and Yachting and Practical Boat Owner, and is now well recognised along the Devon and Cornwall coast, including the Isles of Scilly.

For the nautical enthusiast, boat-building curious or southwest coast sailor, join Tom and Lorraine on their journey to success, in a world revolving around seawater and sawdust.

Available in hardback (great for gifting), paperback and eBook.

Product Details ISBN: 9781916387331
ISBN-10: 1916387330
Publisher: Lorraine Owen
Publication Date: October 30th, 2020
Pages: 170
Language: English