China Girl (Paperback)

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China Girl (Paperback)


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"Raw and powerful writing...passionate and unafraid...edgy, powerful and filled with non-stop tension. A politically charged nightmare that explodes off the pages in a terrifying tale. This one deserves a spot on that must read shelf. Just save room for the entire series." -Tome Tender

"Erec Stebbins is back with easily the best and most frightening book in the series. The riveting story moves at a lightning pace and is impossible to put down. A chilling parable." -Internet Review of Books

"A fascinating, action-packed adventure...explores the dangerous ramifications of persecution and marginalization through a wide variety of well-rounded, thought-provoking characters...will have every reader taking a step back to consider the far-reaching implications of our current political, cultural, and national climate." -Manhattan Book Review
New Thriller Asks "What If?" in Explosive ReadNEVER AGAIN. A fascist administration rounds up undesirables. Terrorist groups strike governmental and religious targets. The Constitution is under assault. Erec Stebbins's China Girl is a controversial look at an America that is all too close to reality, radioactive in its timely examination of extremism in the nation.

"Stebbins is the master of the thinking reader's techno-thriller"
-The Internet Review of Books

Imagine an America where Donald Trump was competent and disciplined. Where the Democratic Party succumbed to internal divisions and badly lost the 2018 House elections. Where the most extreme policies of the Far Right were implemented with little opposition across the nation. Mix in the extreme action and unusual plots for which author Erec Stebbins is known.

"A monster new talent in the thriller genre"
-author Allan Leverone

This is the dystopian world of China Girl. It's a contemporary thriller that asks a controversial "what if?" The plot immerses a diverse and unusual cast of characters into a nightmarish scenario. When the government goes rogue and commits atrocities, who is the terrorist and who the hero?

China Girl is a political techno-thriller with international and crime elements, very topical to current events, touching on biotechnology, anti-democratic movements, and the rights of marginalized groups (especially immigrants) in Western societies. It picks up four years after the election of white nationalist and demagogue Daniel Suite. Deep State operatives and domestic terrorists battle to thwart an increasingly genocidal regime hell-bent on "white-washing" America through ethnic cleansing by any means necessary.

"Powerhouse of action and confrontation. China Girl represents a powerful extrapolation of current-day events and near future scenarios in a thriller that's almost impossible to put down. Highly recommended for thriller readers with strong stomachs, an interest in moral and ethical discussions beyond simple action, and a special appreciation for stories rooted in social and political change." -Midwest Book Review

Product Details ISBN: 9781942360605
ISBN-10: 1942360606
Publisher: Twice Pi Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2019
Pages: 402
Language: English