Dancing Alone (Paperback)

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It takes tremendous courage to fold up and put away an identity created for us by society and family. First, one must listen and respond to the inner stirrings of one's authentic self. They clamor so quietly, and it takes a listening heart to obey their urgings. Georgann Low listened with love and attention.

Dancing Alone is a beautiful little art book. Woven throughout the vibrant and unique art is an inspiring story of spiritual transformation.

She speaks of her unconventional approach to menopause which she considers to be a time of rebirth, a doorway into deeper authenticity and feminine power. Her heart blown wide open through the blistering pain of divorce, she finds new awareness that she is part of the greater family of humanity.

In her garden she finds delicious freedom to create art as she dances through roller coaster mood swings from sorrow and guilt to thrilling joy. In the spacious silence of her house, she discovers writing. Gradually through daily practice of yoga and meditation, her loneliness is transformed into deep love of solitude.

The writing is reflective and fresh. Her tales of crazed hippie days in '60's Haight Ashbury are both tender and hilarious and, of course, psychedelic Whimsical pen and ink drawings of everyday life in France are charming but it is her passion for self expression that strikes us as truly remarkable. Driving a beat up old Renault to distant towns in the middle of the night, she finds jazz musicians to accompany her as she sings in French before French audiences. Her voice of courage rings throughout.

This is an inspiring story for those of us who wonder what might be possible as we age. The gift of romance in the autumn of life is heartening but, in the end, it is the discovery of self love which is the message of the book.

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ISBN: 9781944243098
ISBN-10: 1944243097
Publisher: Georgann Low
Publication Date: January 1st, 2016
Pages: 142
Language: English