Thalassophile: A Chapbook of Poetry (Paperback)

Thalassophile: A Chapbook of Poetry Cover Image
By Sima Ijadi (Illustrator), Abigayle Goldstein


thalassophile, (n.) lover of the sea With a collection as breathtaking as a calm beach side view, and as striking as a storm at sea, Abigayle Goldstein has perfected the art of this modern-era "diary/dictionary entry" style of writing. From the table of contents, which reads as an introductory poem itself, and onward through each "definition" that follows, there is an undeniable ocean's flow in the progress of this collection. A story that paints a vivid picture: of tumultuous change, like crashing waves, and perhaps...the eventual calm, and the acceptance of the constant ebb and flow of the sea within us. This collection awakened a new love for the seas of change for me, and I hope it speaks to the thalassophile in each reader. And perhaps in reading, you will find a renewed and empowered love of self.
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ISBN: 9781950375608
ISBN-10: 1950375609
Publisher: Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC
Publication Date: March 20th, 2019
Pages: 44
Language: English