Self Care Isn't Selfish Activity Book (Paperback)

Self Care Isn't Selfish Activity Book By Meredith Alexander Cover Image

Self Care Isn't Selfish Activity Book (Paperback)


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Meredith was guilty of being a life long people pleaser. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Everyone in Mereidth's life came first. Her family, her friends, and her children. Whenever it was a choice between what somebody else wanted and what she wanted. Guess whose needs came first? Yup you guessed it Meredith eventually reached a breaking point and said enough is enough. What caused this change you might ask?

One day Meredith decided she was going to take a day and focus on what she liked and what she needed The magical day was called Self-Care Day Except for a few close friends, everyone was caught off guard by Meredith thinking about herself. So naturally, Meredith started to fell guilty. She started to wonder was she being selfish Have you ever felt this way? But then a little voice whispered Self Care Isn't Selfish Makes since right?

You're probably wondering if the self care can work for you. Luckily, Meredith knew of a few friends that had the same problem And just like it worked for her, it worked for them too. That's when Meredith had the idea that if her and her friends can find a way to put themselves first. Than anyone can put themselves first That is when she grabbed her pen and paper and wrote the pages of this book To take things to the next level. She wrote 20 exclusive activities to help you on your journey. So, are you ready to put yourself first? Then you're 1-click away from having The Self Care Isn't Selfish approach Work For You Too

Product Details ISBN: 9781952863288
ISBN-10: 1952863287
Publisher: Fountainbleau Media
Publication Date: November 8th, 2020
Pages: 68
Language: English