Fresh Pasta at Home: 10 Doughs, 20 Shapes, 100+ Recipes, with or without a Machine (Paperback)

Fresh Pasta at Home: 10 Doughs, 20 Shapes, 100+ Recipes, with or without a Machine By America's Test Kitchen Cover Image

Fresh Pasta at Home: 10 Doughs, 20 Shapes, 100+ Recipes, with or without a Machine (Paperback)


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Turn homemade pasta into your new favorite kitchen hobby with foolproof methods and 100-plus recipes that make it totally achievable

Whether you use a hand-crank machine, electric machine, extruder, or rolling pin and elbow grease, you can make incredible pasta from scratch using ATK's rigorously tested techniques. Then choose one of the delectable recipes to show off your impressive-every-time pasta to perfection.
More than a dozen doughs: Pasta doughs made with eggs, semolina, whole grains, vegetables, and even gluten-free flours are proportioned for perfect results whether you're using a machine or not.
Strand pasta: Spaghetti al Limone; Tagliatelle with Artichokes and Parmesan; Bucatini al Fuoco
Hand-shaped pasta: Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage; Fileja with ’Nduja Tomato Sauce; Gnocchi with Fontina Sauce
Stuffed pasta: Short Rib Agnolotti with Hazelnuts and Browned Butter; Butternut Squash–Filled Cappellacci; Cheese Ravioli with Pumpkin Cream Sauce
Baked pasta: Lasagna Verde alla Bolognese; Wild Mushroom Lasagna; Three-Cheese Manicotti with Meat Sauce
Mix-and-match sauces: Pair your favorite shapes with any of these, including quick tomato sauces, even quicker olive oil sauces, long-simmered meaty sauces, and pestos.
Plenty of step-by-step photos accompany crystal-clear instructions for rolling out pasta sheets and cutting and forming shapes, all accompanied by irresistible photos of the finished dishes. 
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Publisher: America's Test Kitchen
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English
"If you’ve ever wanted to make your own pasta but have been too intimidated to do it, Fresh Pasta at Home is the book to get you across the finish line. Having used some pages from this book myself, I can testify to how straightforward and accessible the recipe instructions are, and I want to make pretty much every one of them. I also really like that the book includes multiple interchangeable sauces, including some that are super speedy to prepare." (December 6) —Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

“Making pasta from scratch is one of life’s elemental culinary pleasures,” writes the team at America’s Test Kitchen in this hearty collection. Each entry begins with a paragraph on “why this recipe works” that delves into the history and flavor combinations of the dish; for example, a broth enriched with shrimp shells adds depth to a Venetian-cuisine-inspired linguine with shrimp. The opening chapters focus on creating the pasta, with instructions for four types of dough: egg, semolina, whole-wheat, and gluten-free made with brown rice flour. Handy charts and lists dispense advice on dos and don’ts and opine on such topics as which sauces pair best with which pasta shapes. Indeed, there are some 18 different shapes to try, from the familiar farfalle to the irregular maltagliati, which means “badly cut.” Dinner entrées are the centerpiece, with favorites (fettuccine Alfredo) appearing along with more ambitious options (pappardelle with duck and chestnut ragù). A comparatively small sampling of filled pasta includes short rib agnolotti with hazelnuts and browned butter. A colorful cascade of sauces constitutes the last chapter. Home cooks will find plenty of ways to test their skills in this thorough resource. (Dec.)" -- Publisher's Weekly