Bragging - Because you're worth it: A 90 day journal - The Extended Edition (Paperback)

Bragging - Because you're worth it: A 90 day journal - The Extended Edition By Jacqueline Pirtle, Zoe Pirtle (Editor), Kingwood Creations (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Jacqueline Pirtle, Zoe Pirtle (Editor), Kingwood Creations (Cover Design by)
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Do you want to love yourself more? Do you wish for emotional stability? Discover how to feel like a million bucks

Are you looking to be more sure about yourself? Do you want to talk about who you are more freely and more strongly? Bestselling author, podcaster, and holistic practitioner Jacqueline Pirtle has 24 years of practice helping thousands of clients to BE and live more consciously and with more self-pride--as featured in multiple publications and the documentary The Overly Emotional Child.

Now she is here to give you a daily path to achieve a life that you'll love.

Bragging is a life-changing 90 day extended edition journal and your every-day tool to create a habit of showing yourself to the world, truthfully, while vividly writing about how powerful you want your life to be.

Showing up as being proud and sure about yourself changes everything, because you will tap into a limitless amount of energy to create and manifest a life that is truly your style. Most importantly, this lets you experience being alive while in alignment, a state where you strongly and clearly know who you are.

By consciously reading, thinking, feeling, and then journaling about the profound questions Jacqueline is asking, you'll shift your existence to a high-for-life frequency where your full capabilities and your unlimited life is possible.

And by following the precepts within, you can soon enjoy the benefits of better living because no matter the circumstances, being yourself is your birth-right.

In this boasting 90 day journal you'll explore:

  • Daily inspirations, so you'll start your morning with pride
  • Profound questions, to shift you into your true being
  • Simple habits, to keep your alignment going
  • Your inner you, so you can stop questioning yourself
  • And much, much more

By journaling through this strengthening 90 day Bragging workbook daily, you'll change from being unsure about yourself to knowing exactly who you are--realizing that your own self-pride is a beautiful essence, available for you to live fully. Want to keep your mojo going? Simply grab the next journal in this series

If you like to stand tall and proud as who you are, be in charge of how you feel, live life to the fullest, and enjoy journaling, then you'll love Jacqueline Pirtle's profound teachings.

Buy this 90 day journal Bragging to start being yourself today

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