Crystals for Beginners: Discover the Healing Power of Crystals and Healing Stones (Hardcover)

Crystals for Beginners: Discover the Healing Power of Crystals and Healing Stones By Crystal Lee Cover Image

Crystals for Beginners: Discover the Healing Power of Crystals and Healing Stones (Hardcover)


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Learn the holistic way to heal with Crystals for Beginners...

Do you want to learn the healing power of crystals but don't know where or how to begin? If so, then Crystals for Beginners is the book that you have been looking for

Studies show that working with crystals can provide you with hundreds of positive benefits for the physical, mental, and emotional bodies when used correctly. You only need to put minimal dedication into crystal healing, and with a little effort you can quickly access higher consciousness and health benefits associated with doing so. Once you have read this book, reevaluated your life, and thought about ways to begin the process... Give it a try It could be the best thing you've ever done for yourself...

This book discusses every aspect of mind, body, and soul. If you are interested in crystals, it is really important that you know how to choose them, use them and integrate them into your consciousness. Stones can be more powerful sometimes than we can believe. Chakras, energy healing and crystal healing are subjects that many people don't get into- most people don't even know that they exist to such a positive extent...

In this book you'll learn...

  • The basics of crystal healing
  • How to tap into crystal energy
  • The history, properties, meaning, and purpose of popular healing crystals
  • More than 50 healing crystals you need to know
  • Chakra healing and chakra balancing
  • Crystals as powerful healers - how they aid in specific ailments such as depression, exhaustion, grief, joint pain, stress, and more
  • Sacred geometry
  • How to make a crystal grid
  • The fundamentals of healing with crystals
  • And so much more

Crystals combined with gaining a perspective on your higher consciousness is always a good way to become more in tune with yourself and the earth. There are so many ways you can go about incorporating crystals into your daily / weekly routine. Rebalancing the mind, body, and soul is important to the human condition. Keep your crystals cleansed, keep them safe, and keep them close. Once you're done reading this book go tell your friends about what you've learned- it is always good to help give the people you spend time with a perspective on the matter as well...

This book will change your life and you will discover natural cures that will heal your mind and body from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life Grab your copy of Crystals for Beginners now.
Product Details ISBN: 9781955617130
ISBN-10: 1955617139
Publisher: Kyle Andrew Robertson
Publication Date: May 10th, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English