A Practicum in Perjury (Paperback)

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A Practicum in Perjury (Paperback)


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Lady Georgiana Spencer. A dream-shattering realization. A masked murder. Can Lady Spencer rise above her disappointments and save an innocent house maid from the hangman's noose?

Georgi has been admitted to Grantabridge University, one of only four women to achieve this honor in 1870. Finally, she can attain her life-long dream and become a barrister. Or can she ... her dream is shattered when she learns the law of Brythion prohibits women the right to claim a place in the legal world. A world ruled by men. Now what will she do?

When the Ladies of WACK stumble across a dead body at a masquerade ball, Georgi instantly puts her legal-minded intellect on a new path. She takes the fired house maid, Lotte, into her employ, only to discover Lotte is the number one suspect in the killing of Earl Taversham, a gentleman of the peerage.

Georgi sets her mind on proving Lotte's innocence. But can she succeed in convincing the barrister assigned to defend Lotte to accept her investigative prowess before Lotte is judged guilty and sentenced to death?

A Practicum in Perjury is the second in Stephanie K. Clemens' Ladies of WACK steampunk mystery series. If you enjoy intrigue, clashes between the sexes and the antics of daring women, then this book is for you.

Buy a Practicum in Perjury to discover if Georgi succeeds, or if Lotte is destined to hang

Product Details ISBN: 9781957508054
ISBN-10: 1957508051
Publisher: Stephanie K Clemens
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 332
Language: English