Artefactum (Paperback)

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Artefactum (Paperback)


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Winner of three indie novel awards The BookFest Awards Spring 2023: Sci-Fi - Alternate Realities, Silver Award; Readers' Favorite Awards 2023: Visionary, Honorable Mention; indieBRAG Medallion Honoree

"Sam was only seven-years old when he destroyed his first universe. He didn't do it on purpose, though. In fact, he had no idea what he was doing."

So begins the story of Sam, a sarcastic bartender who one day accidentally stumbles upon the means to travel to alternate realities by way of an Aboriginal fertility sculpture. But after the sudden and untimely death of his girlfriend, Una, Sam's sanity becomes a wobbling tightrope act as he convinces himself that Una must still be alive somewhere in the multiverse. As he searches for her with the reluctant help of Sal, a sardonic loner, and Hazel, Sam's best friend, Sam's understanding of reality rapidly unravels as he explores universes of Fear, Death, Dream, and even the Primordial Void. Of course, it's when Sam figures out how to travel through time that things start to get really weird.

Both hilarious and tragic, ARTEFACTUM tells the story of the more unfortunate side of fate where, for every knight destined to slay a dragon, someone else is destined to be the dragon.

J.E. Tobal was born and raised in south Florida. Many people would argue that this has ruined him for life. He left as soon as he was able and moved to New York City. It's a smidge colder there, but there's also a lot less alligators and deadly snakes around. He's fine with this.

Since graduating from New York University with a degree in English, he has written several short films for The Sparrow Film Project, co-created the comic book Detail: Nowhere, and contributed articles to Entertainment Weekly. He continues to reside in New York City with his daughter, who shares many of her father's qualities. He's less fine with this.

Chances are, he doesn't like you.

Product Details ISBN: 9781958729526
ISBN-10: 1958729523
Publisher: MindStir Media
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 454
Language: English