What's Troubling the Old Manor House (Paperback)

What's Troubling the Old Manor House By Barbara A. Pierce Cover Image
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News of seeing a For Sale sign posted on the Arguyle property sends ripples of excitement through the Stormsville Hollow community. Those calls are certainly welcome For years, the home has stood empty and run-down. Now, even though boarded-up, complaints of strange things happening there are on the rise. Some say the deceased family's spirits still reside at the old manor, and will only leave when a new family moves into it. A meeting is called to discourage filing further reports of supernatural sightings and other weird things happening there for fear of scaring away potential buyers.

Arguyle Manor is eventually purchased by Thomas Jacob, a minister and his members as a sanctuary hall for their meetings, and also the home of the Jacob family. Once the place is renovated and returned to its former beauty, the Jacobs move into it. Shortly afterward, the family is confronted with a real mystery Is the manor being haunted by the deceased Arguyle family as some neighbors suspect?

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ISBN: 9781970072983
ISBN-10: 1970072989
Publisher: New Leaf Media, LLC
Publication Date: March 1st, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English