Memorable Music & One Life: Volume I (Paperback)

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Born in 1961, music became my best friend because I moved 24 times in my first 24 years on this planet. As a child, my family moved 11 times and I went to eight schools my first eight years. I did, however, go to the same high school all four years and graduated in 1979. These are the best two decades of music ever created Rock and roll first and foremost, but also pop, country, blues and jazz - too many to mention, and way to hard to keep up with... If I had more time and money, I would have blown a lot more cash on music As it was, I owned 150 LP's, 150 cassettes, along with a handful of 8-track tapes and an $8,000.00 stereo that I purchased while stationed with the U.S. Air Force in Tokyo. Many times, friends hear memories related to songs I hear playing on the radio or jukebox and they tell me I have had an interesting life. And when I play the jukebox, many tell me, "Great selection " Music sparks stories, causing me to "time travel" back to the moment I first liked a song; it helps remind me of all of the places I have lived and is what I call "memorable music." Now that I am 56 years old, aches and pains remind me of when I was young and dumb. Many memories are fading and thanks to my love of music, I get to remember things I have forgotten. While there is no way that I could possibly share every song I ever liked, I have researched charts in an effort to share as much as I can. As you will see, I rarely owned "Top 10" music, developing my own collection based on music shared by friends and Family. Many links are provided in the companion EBook, including links to YouTube so you can hear the songs; links to Amazon so you can see the Long-Playing LP} albums, and; links to Wikipedia for more information about people, places or things that I write about in this book. As such, please keep in mind that data rates may apply. I am writing this for Family and hope they understand that I am only writing it as I remember it - my view could very well be messed up...
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