Common Tasks in GIMP 2.8 (Paperback)

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Common Tasks in GIMP 2.8 (Paperback)


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Being a direct counterpart to Adobe Photoshop, GNU GIMP has gained popularity in the market as the open source graphics editor with multiple features/capabilities. It is downloadable at no cost and runs on many platforms such as GNU/Linux(TM), Apple Mac OS X(TM), Microsoft Windows(TM), OpenBSD(TM), NetBSD(TM), FreeBSD(TM), Solaris(TM), SunOS(TM), AIX(TM), HP-UX(TM), Tru64(TM), Digital UNIX(TM), OSF/1(TM), IRIX(TM), OS/2(TM), and BeOS(TM). Common Tasks in GIMP 2.8 is a comprehensive guide that has come to walk you through different ways of handling common GIMP 2.8 tasks in a painless way.

What you will see in this book includes:

Introduction: The GIMP Help system, Features and Capabilities, What's New in GIMP 2.8?

Fire up the GIMP: Running GIMP, Known Platforms, Language, Command Line Arguments, Starting GIMP the first time.

First Steps with Wilber: Basic Concepts; Main Windows; the toolbox, image window, dialogs and docking, Undoing; things that cannot be undone, Common Tasks; intention, change the size of an image for the screen, change the size of an image for print, compressing images, crop an image, find info about your image, change the mode, flip an image, rotate an image, Separating an Object From Its Background; How to Draw Straight Lines, Intention, Examples.

Getting Unstuck: Getting Unstuck, Common Causes of GIMP Non-Responsiveness.

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Publication Date: November 22nd, 2017
Pages: 98
Language: English