Sound Bath: Meditate, Heal and Connect through Listening (Hardcover)

Sound Bath: Meditate, Heal and Connect through Listening By Sara Auster, Jessica Orkin (Foreword by) Cover Image

Sound Bath: Meditate, Heal and Connect through Listening (Hardcover)

By Sara Auster, Jessica Orkin (Foreword by)


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Use the power of sound to bring balance, relaxation, and a sense of well-being to your mind, body, and spirit with this unprecedented and comprehensive guide to sound baths.

Discover the power of sound to transform consciousness, heal the mind, and calm the body.

Sound therapist and meditation teacher Sara Auster has traveled the world facilitating sound bath experiences, bringing the transformative power of sound and listening to the masses, and building diverse communities.

In this comprehensive guide to Sound Baths, Sara introduces the therapeutic properties of sound, shares her personal journey to recovery from a traumatic accident, and answers the most commonly asked questions about sound therapy, meditation, deep listening, and healing. Sound Bath provides helpful tools for even the busiest skeptic who wants to achieve a reflective, self-healing state and invite calm into their daily life.

Learn techniques that will support states of deep rest, focused meditation, and abundant creativity. Explore drawings, photographs, and stories that will transport you; as well as information, statistics, and essential terminology to help support your growth and ground your practice.
Sara Auster is a New York City–based sound therapist and meditation teacher. Sara has travelled the world to facilitate immersive Sound Bath experiences using the transformative power of sound and deep listening. From the boardrooms of Google to the galleries of MoMA, from hotels to hospitals, grade schools to Madison Square Garden, her work has been a driving force in bringing Sound Baths to modern culture. Sara’s thoughtfully crafted experiences allow sound to be used as a tool to invite meditative states, support self-inquiry and cultivate deep relaxation. She is a thought leader on how to inspire meaningful connection through listening.
Product Details ISBN: 9781982132941
ISBN-10: 1982132949
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 336
Language: English
"Sara Auster is the sorceress of sound and her new book Sound Bath is a guide to exploring the world of sound through her eyes, ears, and heart. The book is deeply soulful and rooted in science, anecdotal stories, and Sara's incredible experiences as a sound practitioner and meditation teacher. As someone who’s had the pleasure of participating in a sound experience with Sara, I am thrilled that people far and wide will now have access to her wisdom and practices she lives by to help guide them to a more mindful life.”

—Latham Thomas, women’s wellness maven, founder of Mama Glow, bestselling author of Own Your Glow 

“As sound meditation and healing rise in popularity, it's helpful to have an all-encompassing resource that roots the practice in its fundamentals and practicality. Whether you have an intimate understanding of sound practices or you're brand new to them, everyone can benefit from the ways that Sara so generously shares her methodology and process.”

—Ellie Burrows, Co-founder and CEO of MNDFL Meditation

“Sara Auster is a very special being who knows how to empower people with sound. She presents the essence of a Sound Bath in a way that one ‘hears sounds in her words.’ Sara has a unique ability to appreciate all sounds, create a safe space, and trust in the ear of the beholder to discover what is therapeutically most important in their life. If you have attended a Sound Bath, are thinking about facilitating a Sound Bath, or want to know more about the therapeutic value of the Sound Bath experience, I highly recommend you read Sound Bath.”

—John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., author of Human Tuning

“I find the work Sara Auster does with sound simple and transformative.  I don’t know quite how she’s able to bring a room full of people to full attention and hold them there.  She has a gift and I feel lucky to have experienced her spirit-tuning ways.”

—Kelly Corrigan, author of Tell Me More