Lexx Unauthorized (Paperback)

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Lexx Unauthorized (Paperback)


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LEXX Unauthorized - The story of Kai (Michael McManus), an undead assassin, Zev (Eva Habermann), a combination of love slave and cluster lizard, Stanley Tweedle (Brian Downey), a hapless security guard and 790, a robot head (Jeff Hirschfield), careening through space together in the LEXX, a planet destroying biological warship shaped like a dragonfly, stolen from the malevolent Divine Order.

This first volume of the four part history of the television series covers the development and conception of the series, and the production of the first season of four movies starring Barry Bostwick, Malcolm McDowell, Tim Curry and Rutger Hauer, taking the hapless crew on a dizzying journey across universes, to dying worlds, confronting past and future, malevolent empires and gigantic monsters.

LEXX was one of the strangest and most wildly surreal space operas ever conceived, owing as much to Luis Bunuel and Alejandro Jodorowsky as to to Star Trek and Star Wars. It was unique and unforgettable, mixing black comedy and absurdism with epic drama, and an astonishing visual sense.

Backstage, the story of the creation of the series was even more extraordinary, a tale of regional Atlantic film makers, renegade artists, American corporate takeovers, Canadian cultural nationalism, German entrepreneurs and new computer generated imagery technologies intersecting in wildly unpredictable ways, to give birth to the show.

The product of years of research and dozens of interviews, this is a 'must buy' for any fan of the show itself or of science fiction movies television generally, and an eye opening insight into film and television production, especially Canadian and international productions.

Product Details ISBN: 9781990860584
ISBN-10: 1990860583
Publisher: Fossil Cove Publishing
Publication Date: December 30th, 2022
Pages: 280
Language: English