Indian Foreign Policy and Cultural Values (Hardcover)

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Indian Foreign Policy and Cultural Values (Hardcover)


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As India rises to great power status in the emerging multipolar world order, what influence will its rich and ancient culture have on the country's foreign policy? This book reveals that cultural values have greater explanatory power than previously thought and describes the nature of their influence. Excavating thousands of years of history, the monograph identifies enduring values that are relevant to contemporary foreign policy. It examines three critical areas of Indian foreign policy - nuclear policy, humanitarian intervention and relations with the Middle East.

Major decisions were shaped by cultural values - sometimes at the expense of strategic interests. India's choice to test nuclear weapons was not purely because of China or Pakistan: hierarchy also played a role. From a hierarchical worldview shaping Delhi's approach to international law on arms control to pluralism facilitating simultaneous friendships with America and Iran, values thread their way throughout India's foreign relations. Non-violence underpins Delhi's soft power in both the West and the Middle East, while having spurred India's opposition to Western intervention in Iraq. Analyzing state behavior and interviewing diplomats, the book charts culture's evolving influence from Rajiv Gandhi to Narendra Modi.

Kadira Pethiyagoda was a Brookings Institution Fellow, diplomat, foreign service officer, political candidate, and visiting scholar at University of Oxford, UK
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Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
Publication Date: October 6th, 2020
Pages: 359
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