Photosynthesis and Bioenergetics (Hardcover)

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By James Barber (Editor), Alexander V. Ruban (Editor)
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This book is a tribute to three outstanding scientists, Professors Jan Anderson FRS, Leslie Dutton FRS and John Walker FRS, Nobel Laureate. Covering some of the most recent advances in the fields of Bioenergetics and Photosynthesis, this book is a compilation of contributions from leading scientists actively involved in understanding the natural biological processes associated with the flow of energy in biological cells. The lectures found in this significant volume were presented at a meeting in March 2016 in Singapore to commemorate the outstanding research in this area.The contents begin with the ideas, specially the contribution from Nobel Laureate Rudolph Marcus, who is well-known for creating the theory of electron transport reactions. This is followed by contributions of many others on various aspects of respiratory and photosynthetic transport chains as well as the dynamic regulation of light harvesting and electron transport events in oxygenic photosynthesis. The book is highly recommended to postgraduate students and researchers who are interested in various aspects of bioenergetic cycles.
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ISBN: 9789813230293
ISBN-10: 9813230290
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: December 18th, 2017
Pages: 368
Language: English