After the Rain (Paperback)

After the Rain By Sarah Spookychild Cover Image

After the Rain (Paperback)


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Carrie is a 25-year-old vet tech. She loves animals but doesn't get along well with conversations or people. Carrie is lonely, and every woman she knows has a boyfriend or husband. She has a self-harm problem. One day she finds her birthday is coming soon, so she decides to go out and pretend to be someone she is not in hopes of getting a boyfriend. Carrie ends up getting slipped a drugged drink and must text for help. Enter Ben. He lives in the neighborhood and has on several occasions tried to talk to Carrie with no success. He had given Carrie his number a few days before with hopes of friendship leading to a relationship. He rescues Carrie, and soon they are enjoying dinner. Buddy, Ben's dog, trips and later knocks Carrie into Ben's arms, igniting the fires of romance. But Carrie decides she can't burden Ben with her mental illnesses and decides to leave and stops eating altogether. She heads out a week later to get her last paycheck, only to faint. It clicks, Carrie may be pregnant, and she confirms it. When she tells Ben, the pair ends up back together. But nightmares of miscarriage haunt Carrie's dreams.

Product Details ISBN: 9798201222727
Publisher: Spookychild Books
Publication Date: July 8th, 2022
Pages: 238
Language: English