Yogic Practices With And Without Water Cure On Physiological Psychological (Paperback)

Yogic Practices With And Without Water Cure On Physiological Psychological By Mohame Dilyas Cover Image
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Modern science and medicine are increasingly documenting the importance of a balanced diet centered

on whole foods and living in harmony with nature as the keys to health, happiness and longevity.

Women's health and vitality program offers a dynamic approach for women to cultivate radiant

health and spiritual awareness from a holistic perspective. However, in order to garner optimum

health one has to take yoga "off the mat" and into the kitchen. Women must become aware

of the tremendous benefits of eating in harmony with their own metabolic and energetic

levels. When combined with yogic principles, regular dietary practices can help prevent

disease and promote internal healing. Yoga diet principles play an important part in

getting full benefits from your yoga practice. Our body requires food for getting energy and this

energy sustains life. Food is what builds up our body, we are what we eat. Type of food and its

quality affects your physical as well as mental health.

Modern fast food items like hamburgers, pizzas, jams, jellies, soft drinks, ice creams etc are rich

source of sugar, oils and preservatives all of which are not good for our health. People are now

attracted by various types of fast food which are very low in nutrition. In addition, these foods

tax our digestive system and body has to do extra work for digestion and elimination of such food.

Every day we are facing with the choice of selecting our food and we must prefer

nutritious food rather than going for the taste.

A healthy life is the most important for a happy life. The modern pace of life hardly gives time to

take care of health. But ancient Indian wisdom says that the true fulfillment of life begins

with good health,

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