Where the Sun Won't Shine (Paperback)

Where the Sun Won't Shine By Brianna North Cover Image

Where the Sun Won't Shine (Paperback)


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Shiloh Green was once happy. As the girlfriend of Braxton Abbott, drummer for the popular YouTube band Contained Chaos, the future had seemed promising. They'd get married, have kids, have successful careers, and live happily ever after in the spotlight. She'd stop at nothing to help make his dreams become reality, starting with being his biggest fan.

That was the plan-until Braxton's suicide shattered her world.

Now Shiloh is left to carry the heavy weight of guilt and pick up the pieces of what had once been a seemingly perfect relationship. She doesn't know how to live her life without him, and neither do his bandmates. As she struggles her way through her final year of high school, Contained Chaos' growing success comes with a new drummer, Dalton, who she can't help but resent. But Shiloh must learn how to move forward, and as she navigates through her grief, she begins to discover that her search for answers won't be easy-and it shouldn't hold her back from truly living.
Product Details ISBN: 9798353091127
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 14th, 2022
Pages: 274
Language: English