Pointe Work: Ten Reasons - Why and When (Paperback)

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Pointe Work: Ten Reasons - Why and When (Paperback)


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Ready to advance to ballet's signature skill safely and successfully? Every ballet dancer, regardless of age, dreams of their first pair of pointe shoes

Pointe Work - Ten Reasons Why and When, the second book in the Garage Ballet(TM) series, gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to master pointe work, including exercises to strengthen the feet and ankles, a guide to correct technique, and insider tips to make the transition to pointe as smooth as possible.

Readers will benefit from a short discussion of the history of pointe, detailed at-home exercises, tips on correct technique to avoid injury, what to expect and how to evaluate your first fitting, and much more Plus, an added bonus for adult "first-time" pointe students

In Pointe Work - Ten Reasons Why and When, you can:
  • Discover the importance of strong pointe work in the ballet repertoire.
  • Learn the signs of pointe readiness,
  • Explore the strength and technique necessary to master pointe
  • Overcome fear and anxiety with safe pointe practices
  • Enhance this signature skill with increased balance, flexibility and artistic expression.
This book is an empowering must-have manual that will boost your successful transition to pointe work.

Buy Pointe Work - Ten Reasons Why and When to relev to greater technique today

Product Details ISBN: 9798677675614
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 21st, 2020
Pages: 80
Language: English