Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture (Paperback)

Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture By Aesha Tahir Cover Image

Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture (Paperback)


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In the digital age, technology has become a constant in our daily lives, but this convenience comes at what cost? Our modern work culture's obsession with efficiency and multitasking is reducing the awareness of our bodies. We are forgetting the long-term implications of sitting hunched over our desks for extended periods. The posture we practice at work becomes the new normal for our bodies.

In Unhunched, movement specialist Aesha Tahir reveals how our distorted posture is leading to physical pain, dysfunctional breathing, amplified work stress, and low emotional health. In fact, hunched over posture shortens our life expectancy. You'll find many practical posture tips to let you step into greatness and empower you beyond a pain-free life.

Aesha's BRACE (breath, relaxation, activity, corrective exercise) posture model delves into cutting-edge science and interviews with experts to explain why our posture matters. Drawing from her clients' life stories, she provides a framework for achieving better health through our natural posture. This book offers creative and practical solutions on:

- How to diagnose your posture anomalies

- Discovering your natural pain-free posture

- Simple guidelines for improving posture, reducing stress, and integrating movement into your workday

- Breathing techniques to align your spine

- Easy-to-follow exercises to correct hunched-over posture

Whether you're an office worker, an athlete, or just someone looking to lead a healthier life, Unhunched is a must-read that will inspire you to step into your greatness and empower you beyond a pain-free life.

Product Details ISBN: 9798889269267
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication Date: May 16th, 2023
Pages: 242
Language: English